• Predictive analysis tools
    • Machines database and routes
    • Bearings database with dimensions and working speed
    • Interpretation tools and diagnostic tools
    • Cascade spectra
  • FFT spectra
    • Millions points spectrum resolution
    • Spectrogram
    • 3D spectra
  • Advanced analysis functions
    • Crest factor
    • BODE diagram
    • RPM vs. time
    • Amplitude vs. time
    • Bump Test
  • Dual analysis functions
    • Orbit analysis
    • Cross Power Spectrum
    • Frequency Response Function
    • Coherence function
  • Compatibility
    • ASCII files
    • UFF58 files
    • ANL BAL files
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Our Soft Bearing Suspensions are designed to isolate the rotor’s imbalance vibration from other vibrations thanks to its pendulum movement. The bearing surfaces adjust perfectly in angle and height to the rotor’s rolling surfaces to avoid damages. The free radial displacement allows the rotor to spin around its gravity center instead of its geometrical center. The suspensions operate with a low-friction-component’s mechanism to improve very precise balancing on every kind of rotors. The system permits balancing rotors with maximum 1000kg of symmetrical weight at speeds higher than SBS resonance frequency, from 30 to 20’000 RPM.
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* Weight 127 grams
* Dimensions 6cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm
* 3 Input connection: accelerometer 1, accelerometer 2, optical sensor.
* Selector button for channel 1 and channel 2
* Cable with UBS connector (15 cm).
* Includes calibration device
Add $1,265.00
6 ft Monoaxial Clable for Optical Sensor with mini-USB connector
Add $49.50
6 ft. shielded 3-Axis Cable for Accelerometer with 5 Pin security connectors.
Add $170.50
3 Bearing pulleys and 1 driver pulley for flat belt
Add $1,320.00

* Weight 200 grams
* Dimensions 6cm x 9cm x 3cm
* 4-pin connectors: accelerometer (I), accelerometer (II), accelerometer (B)
* 5-pin connector: optical sensor (OP)
* Selector button for channel 1 and channel 2
* Cable with UBS connector (15 cm).
* Includes calibration device

IMPORTANT: This device must be used with 18-30V @ 3-8 mA CC accelerometers and 5-pin 5V optical sensors only. See datasheet for more information using this product.

Add $1,265.00
It’s an accessory for balancing machines and bearing suspensions required when balancing rotors mounted on cantilever and/or to secure rotors with high levels of vibration, like crankshafts. Each support includes bearings and has adjustable height. Its dimensions may vary depending on the bearing suspensions.
Add $275.00