Real-time monitoring.
Any time, Anywhere.
EIMU is a new system designed to monitor in Real Time the vibration condition of any machine, it's a low-cost and easy to install modular system.

The continuous monitoring  optimizes supervision time avoiding the use of permanent human presence to control the system. All data collected is sent continuously through WiFi or Ethernet cable to the server, and this information can be seen and processed any time and anywhere in the world.

  • Low costs
  • Real time measurements
  • Remote analysis from anywhere* in the world
  • Ideal for difficult access machines
  • Easy to install with a compact design
  • Free software with a friendly interface
  • Low energy consumption
  • Programmed alarms
  • Warranty and Training
How does it work?

Each EIMU® records 2 simultaneous channels (of the 12 available) and sends the information through the net (intranet or internet) to a server where it's stored. Once the data is saved, the EIMU switches to the next 2 channels and records them doing the same process until completing the whole sequence.

The data stored in the server's database is converted to the DigivibeMX file format for its analysis. At the same time this data can be uploaded to a database in the net and can be analyzed in real time from anywhere in the world through our website

EIMU works with a MySQL database and all data can be exported to different types of databases (SQL, MS Access, etc.) to meet the needs of a website or  another server.
Erbessd Instruments has created a specific website called EI Analytic that allows the user to see the evolution and vibration condition of the machinery in real time from anywhere in the World.

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